You may have been thinking about replacing a garage roof but are wondering when the best time is to do it. As winter approaches, you may think you have left it too late, but the biggest consideration of all should be about the condition of the roof itself – this should dictate when a replacement is needed, and to make sure it is watertight before winter arrives is critical.

How to check the condition of your garage roof

If you give your garage roof a regular, visual inspection, it becomes easier to spot potential issues. This is always a good idea, as potential issues can be dealt with before they become problems that require emergency attention, which can often prove expensive.

If your garage is within sight of your home, an initial visual inspection can be carried out from an upstairs window, where you have a clear view of the entire surface area. Look over the roof and check for the following signs of wear or damage:


Ponding is the term given to when water gathers in puddles (or worse) on the garage roof following rain. It is a sign that there is a problem with the roof covering or, in the worst cases, it can signal damage to the roof deck itself.

Tears, rips or holes

If you spot any tears, rips or holes in the existing roof felt or old membrane, this needs attention straightaway, as water can easily seep through the smallest flaw and begin to get inside the building.


Some forms of flat roofing, such as asphalt felt or tar paper, are prone to bubbling after spells of hot weather. Bubbles dry out faster than the rest of the felt and this can lead to cracking.

Fallen debris

After a storm or a spell of high winds, debris can fall on flat roofing and damage it. It is a good idea to have large items removed, such as tree branches, from the surface of any type of roofing, before serious damage occurs.

What to do if you find issues?

If you spot any of the above issues, carry out a further inspection inside the garage to determine whether damage has already occurred. It will be worth, at this stage, considering whether you need to remove any items stored inside that could be at risk of damage.

If there is visible damage to the roof deck, this will need to be repaired or replaced before the surfacing materials.

If you are unsure, give us a call – don’t climb on the roof if you are not confident in your skills or in your roof! Get in touch today


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