Permaroof Peterborough’s sizzling summer offer will help prepare your guttering for the autumn and make clogged gutters a thing of the past.  For all our EPDM roof installations this August, we’re giving away a free GutterBrush and we can’t wait for you to have yours.

Getting roofing checked and repaired makes sense during the summer. Leaving it too late can result in damage and emergency call outs, proving a costly oversight. We’ll come and assess your roofing systems and help you decide on the best course of action, whether you need a roof repair or a replacement.

Minimising damage from clogged gutters

Gutter clearing is a thankless task that many homeowners dread. Some prefer to pay for a professional to climb the ladders, which adds up year after year. If gutters aren’t kept clear, leaves and other small debris can easily build up and prevent rainwater from draining away through the gutters and downpipes. When this happens, and gutters overflow, it is easy to see how damage to roofing and the goods inside is caused.

The GutterBrush keeps gutters clear of leaves by blocking their path to the gutter. Like a bottle brush in appearance, the GutterBrush is a series of polyurethane bristles wound round a central stainless steel core. This fits in gutters and can be secured using wires at each end. The filaments sit above the gutter and prevent leaves and small debris from entering. Rainwater can pass easily through the filaments and drain away as usual.

How Permaroof Peterborough can help you

We’re a friendly team of professional, experienced flat roofers covering Peterborough and the surrounding areas. We’re a customer-service-first outfit and provide a free insurance-backed guarantee to offer you peace of mind. Rest assured, your EPDM installs and liquid rubber roofs are in safe hands. Get the job done right with Permaroof Peterborough.

We now offer finance packages to help spread the cost of all your EPDM and liquid flat roofing jobs. Why not talk to us this year about your roofing? Call us on 01733 307 755 today – get a long-lasting roof and claim your free GutterBrush this August.