3 Good Reasons Not to Tackle DIY Roofing

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More than half of the country’s homeowners will be planning DIY projects this year, according to recent industry figures. Although there are many talented DIYers out there, there are some projects that even the most experienced should think carefully about before tackling. One of these is DIY roofing. DIY roofing requires a specific set of [...]

How Long Will a Rubber Flat Roof Last?

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Here at Permaroof Peterborough we'll always recommend a Firestone rubber flat roof, but for the majority of homeowners, having to consider roofing materials is not a key priority. However, choosing the right type can have significant impacts on both cost and replacement lifecycles. Going for the cheapest option may seem like the right choice in [...]

Spread the Cost of Flat Roofing with Our New Finance Deals

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Permaroof Peterborough is proud to announce that we are now able to help you spread the cost of your flat roofing systems with a range of great finance deals through PermaFinance. Add to that our work ethic and standard, insurance-backed guarantees and you can’t go wrong with us to help you get those jobs out [...]

Get a Free GutterBrush with Your Summer Flat Roof Install

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Permaroof Peterborough’s sizzling summer offer will help prepare your guttering for the autumn and make clogged gutters a thing of the past.  For all our EPDM roof installations this August, we’re giving away a free GutterBrush and we can’t wait for you to have yours. Getting roofing checked and repaired makes sense during the summer. [...]

Garage Flat Roof Installation on New Extension

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Permaroof Peterborough have completed another EPDM garage flat roof on a new extension in Peterborough. We carried out the roof installation including covering a walkway. We were also asked to fit five skylights. Firestone EPDM was the obvious choice for this garage roof The client chose to go with Firestone EPDM as they wanted a [...]

Roofing and Brexit – Industry Fears – We’re Busier Than Ever

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Roofing news today has just reported fears and concerns relating to the entire industry of roofing and Brexit. But while this seems to be hitting the industry in general very hard, we're delighted to say that we are busier than ever since our partnership with Permaroof. In the news article released on 2nd May (read [...]

Cold applied roofing systems on the up

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On Roofing Today we were surprised to see an article on cold applied roofing systems. Studies have shown the benefits - and usage is on the up. Here at Permaroof Peterborough we've been using cold applied EPDM rubber roofing systems and more recently liquid rubber roofing for our customers roofing projects with great success. We're [...]

Permaroof Peterborough Roofers Offer Local Flat Roof Services

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Permaroof Peterborough Roofers are Ready to Offer Local Flat Roof Services Your local Peterborough roofers are delighted to announce it is now up-and-running, having teamed up with Permaroof UK Ltd to deliver Firestone RubberCover flat roof system installation, liquid waterproofing and much more. Our clients can look forward to enhanced customer service and a wide [...]

What to Do If You Need an Emergency Roof Repair

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The need for an emergency roof repair commonly strikes homeowners around the UK, and it always seems to be when you could do without it the most. When a flat roof leaks, it must be dealt with as quickly as possible, to avoid costly damage to your roof deck and to interior decorations or goods [...]

UK Solar Energy Overtaking Fossil Fuels

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A new report released by the Solar Trade Association has revealed that the UKs solar industry is performing better than expected and is showing signs of overtaking fossil fuels. Large-scale solar costs were examined in a workshop earlier this month by energy analysts and BEIS. Anticipated costs in 2014 were around £80MWh for 2019. New [...]