Traditional flat roof coverings can be susceptible to degradation during the hot temperatures of the summer months. Materials such as felt, for example, can develop bubbles in heat which can then crack as the temperatures drop and let in water. When winter comes and this water freezes, it then expands and adds to the likelihood of further, more permanent damage to roof timbers and flat roof decks. Once the timbers become affected, the cost of a roof repair can escalate, and it is always better to try to prevent leaks than have them repaired for this reason.

Although winter is still a way off, now is the time to check if your roofing needs attention. Giving yourself plenty of time to organise any flat roof repairs, or if necessary, a roof replacement is always a good idea.

Carry out a visual inspection of the flat roof

Making a visual inspection of the flat roof is something you should be doing regularly, particularly following a spell of bad weather, exceptionally hot weather or a storm. Take an elevated position and look down on the flat roof if you can. Some of the most common signs are:

Ponding – we’ve talked about ponding before and how bad a sign it can be for your flat roof. Look for puddles or ponds of water left on the roof after rain. This may signal damage in the roof deck.

Tears or rips – sometimes, especially if debris is blown onto the roof during a storm, damage to the membrane or felt can be visible. Look for tears, rips or holes.

Bubbles – these typically form on felt and asphalt type roofing installations. Bubbles should be addressed quickly before they crack.

Check the roof from inside the building

Inspect the building from the inside, paying extra attention to:

  • Ceiling
  • Roof and rafters
  • Top of the walls in the corners
  • Around windows

Look for signs of damp, mould or mildew spots. There may also be a damp smell if there is a leak or you may see wet droplets on the floor. Check the goods inside for signs of damp too.

What to do if you think you need a roof repair or replacement

If you find any signs that you may have an issue with your flat roof, it is important to address it fast to avoid any further damage. Permaroof Peterborough offer a range of roofing services in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. We can help you with all your flat roofing needs, whether you need a simple repair or a complete roofing replacement. We also provide materials warranties and insurance-backed workmanship guarantees for your peace of mind.

Talk to us and we’ll carry out a free, no-obligation survey to determine what’s going on with your roof. We’ll give you an honest assessment and talk you through your options. Find out more about flat roof services at Permaroof Peterborough here.