More than half of the country’s homeowners will be planning DIY projects this year, according to recent industry figures. Although there are many talented DIYers out there, there are some projects that even the most experienced should think carefully about before tackling. One of these is DIY roofing.

DIY roofing requires a specific set of skills to do well. Once you factor into the project the system reliability, safety and insurance cover, it begins to become clear why there are more reasons than capability that should make you think twice – here’s why…

Roofing system reliability with a DIY installation

Many modern roofing systems, such as EPDM for example, rely on a quality installation. This can ensure that the system performs to its best expectations over its lifespan. EPDM systems have a life expectancy of more than 50 years, so you really need the installation to be of an extremely high quality to realise these benefits.

Some incorrectly installed roofing systems will fail quickly and need to be removed and replaced. This can result in wasted materials and money down the drain. Bringing in a professional roofer can often prove to be more cost-effective in the long run.

It is also worth remembering that often, materials manufacturer warranties can be invalidated if not installed by a certified professional installer.

Safety first

One of the most common DIY accidents involves a fall from a ladder. Any major roofing project will involve working at height, even on a single-storey extension. If you aren’t confident working at height, it is important that you call in a reliable professional to install for you.

Sometimes, the experienced roofer can spot a potential issue that is unclear to the untrained eye. It could be a weakness in the roof deck that could mean it won’t hold your weight or a problem with your ladder or other safety equipment, a professional roofer will know what to look out for.

Professional roofing contractors will undertake many hours of safety training and have specialist safety equipment they use as standard practice. Equipment undergoes regular safety checks as a part of the business requirements and is replaced at the correct time. Many homeowners fall from their roofs because they simply don’t have the access or the knowledge about the right safety protocols to use when clearing gutters or repairing roofing.

Insurance cover for roofing

It is extremely unlikely that DIY roofing will be covered by standard home insurance. This means that if things go wrong with or during the installation, there could be a long, uncertain road ahead in terms of any claims.

As previously mentioned, many roofing systems come with long warranties that can be invalidated without professional installation. DIY roofing projects can and do fail if incorrectly installed and without proper cover, this can result in, in some cases, more than double the cost of the original planned project. This scenario can also apply to DIY roof repair work too, as some warranties will include a clause that prohibits repairs by any other than an authorised installer. It is worth checking your roofing warranties and guarantees before thinking about DIY.

Professional roofing businesses are required by law to have comprehensive insurances in place to cover workmanship and public liability. This protects both the installers and you, the homeowner, should anything go wrong with the installation during or after completion.

How Permaroof Peterborough can help

Permaroof Peterborough has a combined roofing experience of more than 20 years. We provide no-obligation quotes for all your roofing projects, large or small and bring reliability to the table. With a range of finance deals available, we can also help you spread the cost of your roofing renovation. Give us a call and let us talk you through your options and put DIY roofing aside to focus on your other projects.