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Flat roofing in PeterboroughFlat Roofing in Peterborough

Permaroof Peterborough Offer EPDM Flat Roofing

We are specialists in flat roofing in Peterborough, and huge fans of EPDM rubber – specifically the high quality provided by Firestone Rubbercover.

One of the biggest advantages with EPDM membrane is its ease of application – saving you money on installation costs. EPDM can be purchased in standard sizes – in one piece.

The joins of a roofing material are its most vulnerable points. These are places where water is most likely to ingress, causing damage to roof decking and interiors.  EPDM is applied in a single sheet, eliminating the necessity for joins, and using water-based adhesive and just a few tools.

By using EPDM we are offering you long-life, low maintenance solution.

Now it is possible to see why EPDM membrane is appealing to homeowners across Peterborough, offering a professional finish on an installation that will outlast more complicated, traditional methods.


What types of flat roofing do we offer?

We can provide flat roofs for extensions, porches, garages, garden offices, sheds and just about anywhere else! Whether you need a re-roof or a new installation we can help.


Which flat roof systems do you use?

We offer flat roofing with Firestone EPDM Rubbercover and all the roofing accessories are sourced from Permaroof – a household name in Peterborough for quality roofing products at great prices.


Guaranteed flat roofing in Peterborough

All our work offers an insurance backed guarantee.


Experienced roofer?

Yes of course! We have over 20 years experience in the roofing industry and since our partnership with Permaroof are specialising in flat roofing in Peterborough to offer a high quality, affordable service.


Emergency roof repairs in Peterborough

If you need a roof repair don’t panic. Get in touch and we’ll give you a no obligation quote to repair or replace your roof.


About Us: We decided to join the Permaroof Network, as they have been around for over 18 years and have built a highly reputable supply business across the UK. We work together ensuring the highest of standards. They are one of the largest EPDM suppliers in Europe, and are authorised distributors for Firestone Building Products, who have over a century of knowledge within the rubber industry. Please visit our roofing contractor profile page on the main Permaroof website for more information.

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