Avoiding clogged gutters comes high on the priority list for homeowners all over the country at this time of year. Many tens of thousands of homeowners will have completed or are procrastinating about the gutter clearing job while watching the leaves fall on the surrounding trees with a nagging feeling.

Keeping the gutters clear is an essential task to help prevent clogging, overflowing and then inevitable damage once water begins to leak inside the roofing. When this happens, damage to roof joists and timbers, plasterwork and interior décor can quickly follow if left.

Before you engage a handyman or climb your ladders to clear your gutters this year, why not think about a longer-term solution? Permaroof Peterborough have the answer to clogged gutters – talk to us.

Innovative product for preventing clogged gutters

Permaroof Peterborough know a thing or two about flat roofing and understand how tiresome gutter clearing can be for homeowners every year. Clogged guttering is among one of the most common causes of roof leaks in Portsmouth. Over the years we have attended countless homes suffering with a leaking roof in the house or garage caused by overflowing gutters and blocked downpipes. This can also cause external drains to overflow, which can lead to further damage in the home, external buildings, patios and gardens.

As roofing specialists in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas for many years, we know that local homeowners need a better solution to prevent these common problems. Talk to us about one of the simplest, most innovative products and let us install the Gutterbrush for you.

What is a Gutterbrush?

The Gutterbrush product is designed to prevent leaves and other debris from entering the gutter. A little like a bottle brush in design, the Gutterbrush is installed into the gutter and securely fixed at each end.

Once installed in the gutters, the brush fills the space with polypropylene filaments, which are wound around a central, stainless steel core. The filaments sit proud of the gutter and block entry to anything other than water and the smallest debris to keep free flow down the entire gutter system. Leaves and other large debris either sit trapped in the filaments or are blown away in the wind.

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If you’ve had enough of tackling your gutters every single year, then give us a call today to see if we can take away the pain of clogged gutters. Book your free gutter survey in Peterborough and the surrounding areas and let us help with a simple, innovative product professionally fitted and guaranteed.