How much will my repair cost?

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Every roofing repair is different, and the cost depends on several factors, including the urgency and scale of the problem. Here at Permaroof Peterborough, we start off with a free roofing survey, consultation where we will talk you through your options and a fast, comprehensive quotation. All your costs will be detailed, and we don’t [...]

Do you repair flat roofs?

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We specialise in flat roofing through our partnership with Permaroof UK. We use proven, high quality materials and carry out all types of repair from an EPDM patch repair to replacing a degraded flat roof with a new covering. Talk to Permaroof Peterborough today about your flat roof repair and tackle an issue before it [...]

What are the common signs of a leaking roof?

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Permaroof Peterborough have seen many roof leaks during our time and we’re happy to offer advice to keep roof repairs to a minimum. If you see wet patches on ceilings or walls, this is often the giveaway for homeowners, but there are other signs to look for. During regular roof inspections look out for a [...]

How can you prevent a roof leak?

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Prevention is always better than an emergency roof repair. Check your roofing regularly for signs of damage and include a visual inspection of the fascias and soffits. Attend to any damage quickly or call Permaroof Peterborough if you have any concerns – we will give you a free survey and an honest assessment of your [...]

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