Can replacement gutters reduce flat roof repairs?

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Clogged gutters are one of the most common reasons people need flat roof repairs. Once gutters become clogged with leaves and other debris that typically falls during the autumn and over winter, water cannot effectively drain away, gutters overflow, and the risks of water ingress and damage increase dramatically. Installing good quality guttering, fixed correctly [...]

How much do replacement gutters cost?

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Every guttering job is different, and the cost depends on several factors, including scale, design and the individual needs and requirements of the client. Here at Permaroof Peterborough, we start off with a free gutters survey, consultation where we will talk you through your options and a fast, comprehensive quotation. All your costs will be [...]

Do gutters require maintenance?

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It is important to carry out regular maintenance on all gutter and rainwater systems to prevent clogging, which is a common reason for a leaking roof in Peterborough. For many homeowners, clearing gutters and making repairs to old rusting gutter troughs and downpipes is an annual maintenance task. Permaroof Peterborough can install a GutterBrush to [...]

What is a GutterBrush?

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The Gutterbrush is a simple, yet innovative invention, consisting of polyurethane brush filaments wound around a central, stainless steel core – it looks like a giant version of a baby bottle brush. Designed to sit neatly into most standard gutters, and with a quick and easy fixing method for slightly larger gutters, the Gutterbrush prevents [...]

Is it possible to replace gutters without having a new roof?

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Although we commonly replace guttering systems during a new roofing installation, if you’re concerned about the condition of yours, book a free, no-obligation roofing survey and let us   . We can replace worn, damaged or old guttering as a standalone job if needed and offer free advice regarding your options.

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