How much do replacement fascias and soffits cost?

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Every roofing project is different, and the cost depends on several factors, including project scale, scope for use and the individual needs and requirements of the client. Here at Permaroof Peterborough, we start off with a free roofing survey, consultation where we will talk you through your options and a fast, comprehensive quotation. All your [...]

How long do UPVC fascia boards last?

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UPVC fascia boards are much more hard wearing than traditional timber ones, which can rot over time, especially if regular maintenance is not carried out. The waterproof characteristics of UPVC give it a significantly longer lifespan than many other materials. While it is difficult to pinpoint a specific lifespan, generally UPVC boards will last for [...]

Do UPVC fascias require maintenance?

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Unlike their traditional timber counterparts, UPVC fascias do not require regular maintenance. If fascias become dirty, simple cleaning will bring them back to life. General window cleaners often include fascia board cleaning in their services, demonstrating the simplicity of care compared to timber which requires painting or wood treatments every few years.

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